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3 Adet 23ML Tek Kullanımlık Orgazm Yağ

  • 120.00TL150.00TL
  • Product Code: Y004
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  • En Geç Ertesi Gün Kargo
Festal Orgazm yağ tamamen bitkisel formulüyle kadınların cinsel ilişkiden aldıkları zevki arttırmasına olanak tanır.

"Orgazm kadınlar ve erkekler için hala tam anlamıyla çözülememiş karmaşık bir durum. Çoğu kadın kendisinin veya partnerinin önleyemediği durumlardan ötürü orgazm yaşayamıyor. ŞOK Orgazm Yağı tamamen organik formülüyle orgazm probleminizi ortadan kaldırıyor!"
Why Should I use FESTAL?
Since 1972, we have achieved success by blending our production experience in various sectors in the most special way and passing various tests until today. Festal products that are fully herbal and internationally certified have been selling in more than 42 countries. Does it really work? FESTAL products, which were launched in 2005, have been using by thousands of people in more than 42 countries and it has been helped to conduce to happy moments.

What are the ingredients in it?
It has a fully herbal formula blended with powerful roots and spices like Ginseng, Giant Fennel, Cinnamon, Black Pepper, Ginger, etc.

Is it reliable and healthy?
In addition to our international production and quality certificates, our factory is regularly inspected by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock.

How can I pay?
From the products page, you can make your payments with your credit card in cash and in installments or with payment options cash on delivery.

When will my order be given to cargo?
Your orders are delivered to the cargo company, which is our working partner, between 2-4 days. When your order is shipped, you will be notified by mail.

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